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tv   Eyewitness Noon News  CBS  November 10, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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paying up, st. joseph's medical center agreed to a multimillion dollar settlement and now, the possibility for charges an what it means for patients. >> i'm don scott. and i'm jessica kartalija. the government is saying that st. joseph put unnecessary accident stents into heartfacients. good afternoon, mike. >> reporter: good afternoon, don and everyone. underthe settlement, the doctor doesn't admit liability. this doesn't effect the lawsuits that the patients filed over the stents. and three doctors blue the whistle on what the feds say was a kick back scheme and the hospital will pay $22 million so settle with the government. as for criminal liability, the
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u.s. attorney told us this. >> i'm not going to be able to comment and the only issue is the resolution of the civil liability. >> reporter: and here's what happened. st.joseph was paying a heart care group to refer patients for lucrative procedures. >> and the health care pride -- providers pay the kick back and that's a violation of law. >> reporter: and the u.s. attorney was billing the government for stents placed in patients not necessary. and those who got those unnecessary treatments were patients of this man. he denies the claims and he's filed a lawsuit against st. joseph after they sent letters to his patients saying they may not have needed them. and he's also the co-founder of the mid-atlantic. he later went to work at st.
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joseph's. >> and i can promise all of the patient, what i did is what i would have wanted for myself and my mother and father. they were treated appropriately and with the highest regard for their well being. >> reporter: and the whistle blowing doctors will get millions an their lawyers say, it's not about money. >> their intention was to get involved in the investigation, they wanted to be surgeons. >> >> reporter: and the doctor's attorney says that the settlement has nothing to do with his client and it's favorable and shows that the hospital's actions were inappropriate. no criminal charges have been filed in this case. reporting live, i'm mike hellgren. >> st. joseph has taken extensionive steps and it's in compliance with all regulations. and major problems inside a baltimore county high school this morning.
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a fight broke out at overlea high school. and the school resource officer got involved and both students were taken into custody and one has a broken finger. and a former university student will learn his fate after shooting two students. he shot and killed two and wounded another during a fight at his apartment last april. he fired his shotgun in self- defense, he said, he pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter for a deal that could put him behind bars for eight years. there's a call for major changes and safe guards. ron ron matz is live with more on this. >> reporter: lawmakers are autoraged after the audit. the employees routinely steal money from the inmates.
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at least five have already been fired and some employees had easy access to blank checks and the signature plates needed to sign them. tens of thousands of dollars were found to be missing. and one state delegate says that the prison workers were treating the money like an atm. mr. >> and construction officials are instituting several reforms to keep it from happening again. >> state house leaders aring looing at -- are looking at finances. a group of analysts will brief them on the deficit and the estimates are having the next year and there's more than a billion dollars in the red much to do with the recession. and it's been a cruise to forget for more than 3000 passengers off the coast of mexico on the carnival.
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it's being towed to san diego and it will take a few days. here's the latest. >> reporter: carnival splendor is on the move, baalism a tug boat began towing the ship overnight and it's not expected to reach san diego before late thursday. it's a slow process getting into port. >> reporter: the splendor lost power monday and the blaze was contained and no injuries were there and the giant cruise ship was left dead in the water. 45 passengers and crews had no air-conditions and no internet and they had cold wart and with no refrigeration, they began running low on food and helicopters from the aircraft carrier delivered 10,000 pounds of splice on tuesday and instead of the spreads that are a highlight of the crews,
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they're dining on spam. >> conditions are challenging on board the ship and we apologize for the discomfort that the guests are enduring. the mill their personnel are making sure that the passenger is okay. no one has had to be air lifted. it's my understanding that everyone's safe and as comfortable. >> reporter: they'll get a full refund and a free ride. the cause of the fire is under investigation. and the cruise started outside of los angeles and was going to tour the mexican coast for seven-days. there's a school closier at 1:00 today, that's because of a water main break. and now, to the weather, a sunny and warm start to the day. it feels nice outside. when can we expect the colder
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temperatures, well, how long is this beautiful weather going to last ? >> hello, jessica, this is going to continue for a few days and we're stuck in the pattern. it's a beautiful pattern. there's nothing around us and the storm on the new england coast is now out to sea and it's what stopped up the weather pattern. upper 50s to lower 60s around the reach beyond and already at noon today and that's above the average. and for more, here's marty. well, thank you, bernadette. good afternoon, everyone. and the graphic says it all. there's a real nice warm glow heading our way. and that's in the out back and some don't even need a coat. and it could get into the low to mid-60s into the week's end and throughout the weekend.
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and nothing but good news and bernadette woods has the details, coming up shortly, now, back inside. when he's not fighting with guns, he's fighting hunger and homelessness. bealefeld was on the eastside handing out food. the little italy organization was also there. and the bird's nest will look different when the fans head to the ballpark. they're getting a refit during the off season. the club level and upper deck will get wider seats and they're adding a drink rail and table and stools and more space will reduce the seating capacity overall. and a baltimore county police officer is cleared on wrong doing after he accepts an autograph during a traffic stop. rice was issued a warning and
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he said he gave the officer an autograph for his son and he later claire -- clarified and the investigation showed that the officer did nothing wrong. >> he got the worning and then gave the autograph. and next, the president's asian tour continues today. and london riot, a protest turns ugly in the uk. and taking another live look outside. and stick around. your complete first warning weather forecast is coming up.
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president obama is in south korea as part of his four nation tour of asia. the president hopes to complete a trade agreement and boost the american economy. and president obama wrapped up his trip to indonesia yesterday with a speech and the president stressed that the americans are at war against violence. and thousands of students
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take to the streets in london to protest a tuition hike. >> a peaceful real turned cay -- peaceful rally turned chaotic today. organizers are protesting a plan to triple the tuition rate. public colleges and universities are included. a woman is lucky to be alive after a freak accident in little rock. the embedded reflective markers flew through the windshield. the markers are raised edges and the tires can cause them to come free. >> i would cause anyone to be conscious of the surroundings and debris in the roadway. >> the markers were, of course used to delineate the lanes and the woman was shaken up, but not hurt. you're never too hold to have a childhood dream come true.
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>> the u.s. forest service has made betty white an honorary ranger. she wanted to be a ranger when she was a child, but at that time, the women weren't allowed to be rangers. >> her career keeps on going and going and going. >> and she's having a good couple of years, if not 88 of them. still to come at noon. taking a live look outside and stay tuned, we'll be back in 2 1/2 minutes with the forecast. first, we'll look at today's midday stocks to be followed by last night's megamillions numbers. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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i recommend using polident and soak every day. it's the right way to go. we're warming up and 60 degrees already in baltimore, above average and 60 in d.c. and up to 60 degrees an now,the winds calmed down a lot since yesterday and they won't be much of a factor today or tomorrow, but they'll turn to the south west and warmer air turn -- is turning our way. this coastal pressure stopped everything up and notice the colder air, that's snow. that's mixing down into colorado and northern parts of
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the rockies and the sierra where they've gotten up to two feet of snow in some places. 's nothing going on in our area and that's the way it will remain. this storm to the west and that offshore and for us, high pressure in between. there and when we have that going on, the one thing that will happen, all of the cold air associated with this dip, that's moving offshore and the temperatures are coming up a few degrees. >> on the waters with this going on, still a northerly wind and much lighter than it was and the forecast today, looks like this, mostly sunny and we're getting up to 62 degrees. tonight, down to 39 degrees and nothing going on and tomorrow, similar to today and we're looking at a high near 60 degrees and sunshine is out there and it will continue into the weekend. we'll have the five day coming up shortly. and still to come on eyewitness news at noon. unfinished business.
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many young women aren't fully protecting themselves against hpv. >> and wjz-13 is always on. here are the top story on at this hour. go to for more. ,,,,,,
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doctor's say that less than
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1/3 of teen girls are getting an hpv vaccination. 30% of those who start the regimen go on to complete it. it's the most commonly sexually transmitted disease among girls and certain strains of the virus can cause cancer later in life. 59 million americans had no health insurance last year. that's up from the previous year. and the health care legislation is projected to extend the insurance to 32 million people by 2019. remember the angry father to con fronted the children on the school bus, now, he has his day in court. could he go to jail? plus, a $43 million fraud. how dozens told money intended for holocaust survivers. that's at 4:00 after dr. phil. and stay with us, the five-
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day forecast is next. ,,,,,,,,
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not just next couple of days, but the next few days. it will be lovely and temperatures trending above normal and it's normally at 59
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and 60 tomorrow and 63 friday and 65 saturday and 61 on sunday. monday, 60 degrees and we'll go from sunny to partly cloudy and sunday and monday. what a great, beautiful five- day forecast taking us into mid- november. now, back inside. it will be several days. >> a couple -- few, several. >> don't miss tonight's prime time lineup. and we'll count the days -- tonight, it's "the defenders" and eyewitness news at 11:00. and finally, this noon, thanksgiving is around the corner and it's beginning to look like christmas in california. a 55-foot christmas tree is up in front of the state capital. it usually costs thousands to bring the tree into town, but this year, it was paid for by a secret santa and now, they have to get the rest of the area to come decorate.
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>> you know how many people asked me if we celebrated christmas in california? >> i said, yeah, you just wore shorts there. >>, did you put it up this early though? >> yes, it is early grandchild i mean, it's going to be dead in a fewweeks. well, they have to change it for the new administration. >> and thanksgiving is a gorgeous day out there. merry christmas to everyone in california. ,,,,,,,,,,
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